Feral Horses, art and fintech startup based in London, is an art trading platform for investors and art enthusiasts who want to enter the art market even without huge budgets that usually these kind of investments require. The service lets users acquire shares from the primary market and trade them on the secondary one.

The project consisted in the design of the user experience (UX) and the graphic user interface (UI), according to the branding guidelines that were given in the initial brief. One of the major assets that conveys consistency throughout all the pages is provided by the strong hierarchies and the elements’ misalignments to the layout grid.

A lot of attention was put on responsivity issues so the platform could adapt and scale down to different screen sizes. Feral Horses service was designed to look clean, minimal, transparent, original from a graphic design perspective and, overall, intuitive in order to help users in monitoring their investment performances and trading their artwork shares.

Project by Ludovico Pincini.