Elk is a stand for Samsung QLED TV designed to perfectly integrate with the shape of new QLED televisions. The stand supports screen’s weight through its organic geometry and can also provide different orientations through the attachment on the back of the product.

This project comes from the will to design a stand that looks elegant yet simple and light. The product’s concept relies on fluid geometry that allows the stand to be both thin and resistant.
The joint allows to turn the TV up to 30° left or right, so the user can watch tv wherever he is in the room. In addition to this, the joint allows to tilt the screen in order to obtain a better experience according to the heigh of the base where the QLED TV is placed.

An aluminum alloy guarantees both solidity and lightness, and a rubberized polycarbonate plastic, positioned at the bottom of the product, creates a grip below the base to avoid the risk to slide or skratch the stand. Thanks to the features of the stand, the entertainment is made more comfortable providing the perfect positioning of the screen according to the distances and heights which are different in each room.

Project by Metafora Design team.